Barge Handling Facility - SESA, Goa

October, 2010  -  December, 2011


Project: Feasibility Study & Report - Barge Handling Facility - SESA, Goa


Scope of Services: 


Maximize the stacking area so as to increase the storage capacity. This could include:

  • Identifying the potential of the existing plot and optimize the storage capacity.
  • Identify new plots/areas.
  • Realignment of activities such as blending, grade-wise stacking etc.

Effective and efficient traffic control and circuit. This could include:

  • Realignment of the existing roads/routes.
  • Working out a traffic management model maximizing efficiency.

Maximize the loading capacity of barges using existing facilities and technology addition. This could include:

  • Assessment of existing facilities.
  • Addition of extra facilities, technology, procedures.

Client: URS Scott Wilson India Pvt. Ltd.


Location: Goa, India

SESA Goa Barge Handling Facility - Feasibility Report - Aceprojects - Bulk Material Handling Systems
Barge Handling Facility, SESA, Goa - Feasibility Report